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Collection of Useful Websites

1. Hashmap values to Array List
2. Challenging Java Codes
3. equals() versus ==

1. JS Validation Site 1
2. JS Validation Site 2

C. Rapid Web Devlopment using STRUTS and ECLIPSE
1. IBM

D. Algorithms
1. Tower Of Hanoi
Code Requirement : TowerOfHanoi.doc
Code :

2. Modified Heap
Code Requirement : ExtendedHeap.doc
Code :

3. Weighted Median
Code Requirement :
Code :

Useful sites
3.a Generating Unique Random Number

E. Confusion
1. Difference between Encapsulation and data hiding

Install MYSQL in Windows Vista

Part A
1. First of all, uninstall all the mysql related products from your ADD/REMOVE Software.
Control Panel -> ADD/Remove Software.
2. Secondly remove mysql related entries from your registry.
type regedit

then remove all mysql related entries from services.
4. Stop mysql service if present and if running
Go to control panel -> Administrative tools -> Services
Check Whether MYSQL if Present is running or Stopped. If it is running Stop it.

Part B
To install MySQL Server 5.0.51a in Vista

1. Use mysql-essential-5.0.51a-win32.msi
2. Download and run Resource Hacker
3. Open ...\MySQL Server 5.0\bin\MySQLInstanceConfig.exe with Resource Hacker
4. Navigate to 24\1\1033
5. Delete all text in the window
6. Press "Compile script"
7. Exit Resource Hacker and save the result (overwrite the initial MySQLInstanceConfig.exe)
8. Now MySQLInstanceConfig.exe should start normally.

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